A common man always views his politician with a different perspective. He is also very skeptic about his family most particularly his spouse. But most of the politician cannot survive without their spouse support. There are some exceptions to this but mostly there is always a power equation(consider Clintons) at play in politics. I am speaking about Mr. Barack Obama and his spouse Michelle Obama.

The book “Becoming” is an experience shared by Michelle Obama about how she and her entire family coped with the rise of her husband in the American politics and his double tenure as the President of United States of America.

I do not know what exactly I was looking in this book but the book gave a complete perspective of Michelle about her life easily relatable to any common persons life. The book contains the entire history of her maternal family and the Obamas whereabouts. Michelle discussed her education and her career. She also narrated how she met Obama ,their love life and his desire to play active role in politics.

Initially Michelle had resisted Barack’s ambition to enter politics. But later reconciled to her husbands ambition and whole heartedly supported his ambition and played active role in his career.

The book is a complete narration of the criticisms and challenges faced by Michelle due to her husband’s career. In all this chaos of being First Lady of America, being mother to her two daughters, a devoted wife, a good sister and being good daughter she articulated how she struggled to find herself and being Michelle.

She did not shy away from criticising incumbent Trump and his policies. I do not know how much effective Obama administration was but as distant observer from another country, I would say Obamas were the first African family to live in the WHITE HOUSE of the most powerful country United States of India, it must not have been a piece of cake for them. The couple represented the first family of USA without any scandal unlike Clintons.

I found Michelle to be very practical when she obeys this advice

Make the money first and worry about your happiness later.

Also Michelle seems to be very hard working throughout her education and career as she says

“Inspiration on its own was shallow; you had to back it up with hard work.”

There are lot of things she has covered like her fear of going outside your comfort group, struggles in her marriage, her miscarriage, her struggle to become mother (infertility issues) but yet I felt she has said plenty of things unspoken in her book.

I felt she kept her significant portion of her life from the eyes of the public and yet strived for a lot of public issues like obesity issues in children, safety of children and issues of women (black and white).

Some would say the couple is role model for Black people. Who would have thought in USA a black couple would lead the country? It is a clear signal that the struggles of their ancestors did not go in vain.

One would think that after living in White house for 8 years what else is to be accomplished that Michelle has entitled her book “Becoming”. She has answered that in following words:

For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim.
I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self.
The journey doesn’t end.
Becoming requires equal parts patience and rigor.
Becoming is never giving up on the idea that there’s more growing to be done.

I definitely think we should agree to her definition of “Becoming” to evolve oneself. Our journey may be different from Michelle because we are different individual. Our situations are different but hey we all are on different paths and we all could be progressing towards “Becoming”.