Sarah Knight

If you are someone who constantly worries what others will say about you if you say No to them or you do not fulfill certain social obligations and you want to live life totally on your terms then this book (guide) is for you. Though the word f*ck is a slang used numerous times but its usage should be taken as carefree approach to lead life rather than take it as some sort of insult.

There is an interesting thing I have read about this word fuck. The word originated in England where it meant “fornication under the consent of the King”. In earlier era , the couples living in London used to take royal consent after their marriage to start their married life and this word originated from there. I do not know whether this is correct or not but just wanted to share this trivia. Our book meant fuck in a different perspective and it would be worthwhile to understand what the author is really wanting to convey us.

The author Sarah Knight has given plenty of her personal experiences so that we can understand her Method and implement in our life so that we live life on our terms only.

The Lessons I learnt from the book are-

  • The author has described her method as NotSorry Method.
  • It has two steps:
    • 1.  Deciding what you don’t give a f*ck about
    • 2.  Not giving a f*ck about those things

As Albert Einstein once said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” Smart guy; no wonder he won a Nobel Prize.

  • For now, remember that you should only give a f*ck about things you can control, and no f*cks about things you can’t.
  • The point is, you can only control how WELL you do your job, and how MUCH time and energy you put into it to minimize annoy and maximize joy.
  • Work is a petri dish teeming nine-to-five with things, people, and practices that we did not actually choose for ourselves and therefore cannot control.
  • The Likability Vortex occurs when you care more about being liked than about being worthy of respect.
  • Once you feel guilty, you have already failed at not giving a fuck. Game over.
  • Guilt is not a happy feeling.
  • Not giving a fuck should always result in greater pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness.
  • Step 1 of the NotSorry Method—deciding what you don’t give a fuck about—is well within your grasp.
    Not hurting people’s feelings and not getting caught in a lie is the purest form of NotSorry. You have nothing to agonize over or apologize for.
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck is for people who are exhausted by presenting a façade of interest, enthusiasm, and conformity to the rest of the world. It is about empowering them (you) to feel free to be themselves (yourselves) and live their (your) best lives.
  • And that’s okay. Your fucks are yours —to value and prioritize and give as you see fit. You’re also allowed to change your mind, revise your personal policies, and reallocate accordingly.

The book just gives you more mental clarity on how to deal with certain social scenes and people. The book is an interesting read if you really want to live a life completely on your terms.