Sadguru (Yogi Mystic and Visionary)

I have listened to lot of youtube videos of Sadguru who is popularly known as Indian Mystic. Hence I picked his book for reading. Sadguru is a modern day guru who commands thousands of followers and he is quite rational and logical whenever you pose him any kind of question related to life, universe or human existence.
The title itself make you think in an unusual way. I have never considered my body in context of it as some sort of gadget but Sadguru makes us realize that we people who are so addicted to electronic gadgets forget the most sophisticated gadget our body bestowed by nature to us. Even after so many years of research we still have not understood all the working of our body and we can not artificially replace the functioning of any part of our body.
So this book is just a little reminder for us to value our body and give it our due care and attention.

Sadguru quotes

A human is not a being; he is a becoming. He is an ongoing process – a possibility.

In his many discourses Sadguru always discusses the merits of being human being. He advocates the human existence as blessing and opportunity to all of us to explore ourselves and live life.

He quotes in this book

“There are thirty-three bones in your spine. This can be a painful spine or this can be made into a ladder you climb upon and reach the highest level of consciousness, pleasure, and blissfulness within yourself.”

Albert Einstein has said
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is miracle. The other is as though everything is miracle.

Sadguru also says in this book
The very life process is a great miracle. The very way you have become all this from being two little cells, is it not a miracle? Everything about life is miraculous. Otherwise, if you start explaining it, nothing is a miracle.

The Key takeaway from the book is-

For the sake of understanding and experiencing, we made all aspects of a human being into five bodies, so that you can understand it as a physical entity. These five layers are:

  1. Annamaya kosha,
  2. Manomaya kosha,
  3. Pranamaya kosha,
  4. Vignanamaya kosha, and
  5. Anandamaya kosha.
  1. Annamaya kosha – Our physical being which we sustain by eating and drinking.
  2. Manomaya kosha – Our Mental being, the world created by our thoughts residing in our brain
  3. Pranamaya kosha
    Pranamaya kosha is the fundamental energy in all physical creation.
    If you have mastery over your prana, or energy, it is not only about your life and health, you also have mastery over the situations around you.
    As your energies become more balanced, suddenly your life situations work out the way you want even before you think about it.
    You do not have to slog with life anymore. Whatever you do, there is no pressure on you because everything just falls into place.
    If you work twenty-four hours a day, day after day, still there is no such thing as stress or pressure on you.
  4. Vignanamaya kosha
    Vignanamaya kosha is of a completely different nature.
    There is no appropriate word in English so it is generally referred to as “etheric body” or spiritual body. This is a transitory body. Transitory in the sense, it is moving from physical nature into non-physical nature. The intermediate space or the intermediate state is referred to as “ether” or “vignana.”

The difference between a Guru and a teacher is just this, a teacher will teach you methods with which you can change your annamaya kosha, manomaya kosha and pranamaya kosha, but he cannot touch your vignanamaya kosha.
A Guru works on your vignanamaya kosha. Once he touches that, everything is changed dramatically because this change is permanent. It is beyond the physical dimension, and it is always permanent.

5. Anandamaya kosha
The fifth layer is called anandamaya kosha which means “bliss body.”

Sadguru says our human existence should transcend from Annamaya kosha to Anandamaya kosha.
If you have not understood this concept he has given one analogy to understand this in one of his discourse.
Annamaya kosha as – Hardware
Manomaya kosha as – Software
Pranamaya kosha as – Energy into this hardware and Software. It is like Electricity, when you plug into power supply then only the device works.
Vignanamaya kosha as – Transistion between Physical and non-physical (abstract) world
Anandamaya kosha as -Enlightenment.

According to Sadguru there are three dimensions of human being, the physical body, the mental body, and the energy body, if they are kept in a certain state of alignment, what is deeper than that begins to function by its own nature. That dimension is the very source of creation.

Also our body has seven fundamental chakras are known as Muladhara, Swadhishthana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Agna, and Sahasrar. Our ancient gurus and saints have mastered these chakras to attain Enlightenment.

If you have seen the youtube videos of Sadguru then many of his thoughts are written in this book. As such this book does not say anything new that has not been spoken before. But the thing is that if you have never heard him then this book may be a little revelation for you.I am not his follower and I am not advocating him but once in a while I do like to hear his intelligent thoughts. He is really worth listening.

You can really inspire yourself to live better by hearing and following good thoughts.