Find your Focus Zone by Lucy Jo Palladino PHD
An Effective New Plan to Defeat Distraction and Overload

I picked this book to learn how to deal with my feelings of overwhelm and I would say this book provided me lots of insights to deal with my work stress and overload.
The author has explained very scientifically about our thought process and has given a lot of strategies and techniques to overcome our problems and issues.
We live in an era where our attention and focus has become very valuable resource.
Its depletion is caused by lots of distraction and attention seekers.
We need to focus to get our most important tasks get done. So What do we do?
We should find our Focus Zone where our performance will be optimal.
The book contains following diagram depicting our focus zone:

According to the author there are 8 Key skills:
Keychain 1: Self Awareness
Keychain 2: Change of State
Keychain 3:Procrastination Busters
Keychain 4: Anti -Anxiety
Keychain 5: Intensity Control (Anger)
The above three skills (3, 4 & 5) are our emotional skills rooted in various kinds of fear
Keychain 6: Motivate Yourself
Keychain 7: Stay on Track
The above two skills are Mental Skills
Keychain 8: Healthy Habits (Behavior Skills)

The author has explained all these skills with a lot of examples.
For example I specially liked her explanation on
Why we procrastinate? The answer may be

i) You dislike the task
ii) Lack of Belief that you can accomplish the task (Self doubt) which typically is rooted in fear.

There are three core fears of Procrastinators:
1) Fear of failure: If you don’t do it, you won’t get judged
2) Fear of Success: If you do it, you’ll be expected to produce more
3) Fear of Being Controlled: By not doing it, you’re saying “You can’t make me”

I have never read such a great explanation of why we procrastinate?. She has succinctly put the concept in words.

The skills you learn in Find Your Focus Zone will help you:

  • Beat procrastination and face boring jobs
  • Overcome obstacles and finish what you start
  • Prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed and burned out
  • Build trust in your close relationships
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Increase your efficiency and effectiveness
  • Persevere even when you make mistakes

In general the author advises us to set a goal, be consistent and take action and keep learning from our mistakes.
The author states that ultimately you get what you expect. It is a good book to understand yourself and improve our performance.