Your Best Just Got Better by John Womack is a book to improve our productivity and helps us to simplify our life. I picked this book because I was reflecting on how to improve my work life balance so that I do not get overwhelmed time to time.

The author John Womack asks us to contemplate on this question:
What my Ideal day sounds like?
This would be our starting point for planning and executing our day.

Next the author has asked us to prepare three Inventories .

Inventory 1: What do you do by 10.00 am?
List down all the activities to be done by you in this list.

Inventory 2: What tools/assistance do you use to Get Things Done?
For eg. Mobile,Desktop/Laptop, Email, Microsoft Office etc.

Inventory 3: What could you do to Relax,Rejuvenate and Reinvent Yourself?
For eg. Go for a walk, PLay Game, Get involved in craft, Cook a delicious meal, Take a shower, Spend time for family, Get a Massage etc.

The author says that there are 96 fifteen minutes block of time everyday (1440 minutes). 15 Minutes=1% of time of our day.
So our Sleep 7 hours =28 blocks
Commute 1 hour=4 blocks
Try to divide your activities in the block structure of 15 Minutes to manage it efficiently.

The author has given following suggestions to enhance our life :
1. Always be Ready for some activity.
2. Try any work plan for 5 days and then stop.
Look back and determine Effort versus Payoff. If it is working continue otherwise tweak it to make it better.
3. Take two days to decide how you work and how you are managing your time.
4. One should always track four Important Resources – Time,Energy, Focus and Systems & Tools.
5. Keep a Notebook with you. Write down a list of actionable things on the last page of Notebook
6. Find out that activities that makes you joyful and gives you feel the sense of completion.
7. Practice makes your repeated actions more comfortable.
8. Doing any activity 5 times may provide enough information and experience to let you know whether it should become a habit.
9. Make a list of things I should stop doing?
10. Think about what you have to do and do something you’re thinking about.
11. There are 3 keys to effective practice
a) Visualization b)Rehearsal and c) 5 Days Experiment
12. To Develop a Habit try to do the following things:
a) Identify what you are trying to do
b) Develop tasks to do it
c) Experiment it daily say 5-10 Minutes
d) Assess continuously whether it was worth it and do it/ discard it.

Overall the book is worth reading atleast once.