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Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson EggeRichs

I usually do not read books on relationships because I do not believe relationships can be improved by reading some books. But to my surprise this book has given me insight to understand the intricate relationship between man and woman.

Dr. Emerson has taken a lot of efforts to build an authentic platform to negate the difference between man and woman to build strong relationship.

A family starts with a strong bond between man and woman and if this relationship is strong it will help build a good and sustainable family. If we have such sustainable families it will construct a good society.

There are variable differences between man and woman such as biological, emotional, intellectual and mental.

The key to good relationships can exist if there is compatibility between man and woman. Both the parties understand how the other person is different and respect and accept that difference whole-heartedly.

The trouble between relationship is that both parties do not understand each other, they have communication gap between them and both are angry and frustrated as they fail to comprehend why the other party is behaving weirdly.

Dr. Emerson has stated in the book that Woman Desires the Love while Man desperately needs Respect. If both man and woman understand this crucial principle then their relationship will survive and will be sustainable.

According to Author Men should follow “COUPLE” and women should follow “CHAIRS” principle. Let us go deep into this acronyms.

Men should do “COUPLE” as
Appreciate her desire that she wants closeness with you.
Appreciate her desire that she wants you to be open with her. No Secrets.
Appreciate her desire that she wants you to understand her, listen to her and not judge her for her emotions.
P-Peace Making
Appreciate her desire that she wants you to be peace maker in a conflict.
Appreciate her desire that she wants you to be Loyal to her. Multiple partners are total NO-NO.
Appreciate her desire that she wants you to honor and cherish her as well as value her opinions.

Women should do “CHAIRS” as
Appreciate his desire to work and achieve . This desire exists right from the hunting period of mankind.
Appreciate his desire to protect & provide for the family.
Appreciate his desire to serve & to lead his family & society.
I- Insight
Appreciate his desire to analyze & counsel.
Appreciate his desire for shoulder to shoulder friendship
Appreciate his desire for sexual Intimacy.

The author has firmly stated that following these principles of “COUPLE” & “CHAIRS” help to cultivate strong relationship between MAN and his WOMAN.

In general I think this is an interesting book on relationship worth reading and implementing in our life to enhance our relationships.