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It Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True! By RHJ

IT WORKS is a simple yet powerful book. This book is a very easy read and if one decides to implement the advice given by the author his/her entire life could be changed.

The  Key takeaways from this book are:

  1. You should know what you want:

It is so often that people are unclear about their goals. One must remember that “Clarity is Power”. Few people have this and those who have this always make progress in life.

2. Write down on paper in order of their importance the things and conditions you want

3. The three positive rules of Accomplishment are-

a. Read the List of what you want 3 times each day morning, noon and night.

b. Think of what you want as often as possible

c. Do not talk to any one about your plan except to the Great Power within you which will unfold to your objective mind the method of accomplishment.

4.Do it Daily till you finished it.

The author strongly believes and wonderfully illustrated the effects of adopting above rules. He has experienced this and urges the readers to follow this technique. One may critique that it may be wishful thinking to achieve this but I urge you to try above rules for yourselves and see if it works.

The author has beautifully stated:

The great possessions of life are all GIFTS mysteriously bestowed: SIGHT, HEARING, ASPIRATION, LOVE OR LIFE itself.

This book definitely deserves space on our book shelf.