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This is very unusual book about an American couple who were living an typical American Dream and decided to give it up to own a homestead of 66 acres in Vermont. This book charts a journey of Elizabeth and Nate a lovely couple from corporate world to financial independence.
The author has written their own journey about how they both realise that they do not want to live their life by going to typical 9 to 5 job and living in urban area. Instead they both planned and successfully carried out their plan to become financially independent by adopting frugal practices in their daily lives to save money.
The author has her blog ( I personally like her blog rather than her book. But it is little interesting to know how they have managed their dream of owning homestead in rural areas.
The author has carefully penned her journey right from her education to her dream with exquisite details so that any body can get a fair idea of how difficult but feasible the journey is from regular job to financial independence.
But this so called journey requires efforts from both the spouses. If one of the spouse is not agreeing to this journey then it will be difficult to achieve. If both agree to this plan then this is ultimate “Nirvana”.
But what exactly is this dream about this couple. This American couple love hiking and they both decided to retire to a rural area where they would own homestead. This kind of transition requires lot of sacrifices in the present moment and is not the cup of tea for everybody. I think you may have heard about this new kind of concept FIRE Financial Independence Retire Early trending in today’s world. This couple has followed this concept.
I do not agree with all the frugal concepts suggested by the author such as using second hand clothes but other frugal practices could be used by us. This couple saved so much money through their frugal practices that their saving rate was near about 82% of their high paying jobs. I wonder how they reach this magical number.  Due to this they were able to purchase the 66 acres of property and 2 used cars by paying cash in one go.
Their story has a happy ending with the couple blessed with two healthy girls.  Some of the key takeaways from this book are:
1. It is not necessary to lead a 9 to 5 pm day job till your retirement. You can think different from the crowd and follow your own dream.
2. You can accumulate assets during your job in such a way that you do not have to work for money but instead your assets will provide you financial sustenance.
3. Frugality could be means to increase your saving rate of your job and it could be an end of means itself.
4. If a couple is striving towards a common goal then it is possible to achieve it
5. A little bit of sacrifice done today can lead to our financial freedom.
6. Dream to be different from the mob and you will be awarded with mental bliss and life fulfilment.
The author says that they do not need vacations now because their life itself provide entertainment today that their every day journey is fulfilling. They are content and happy with their choice and they have formed community of like minded people who are grateful for what they have and have achieved freedom from daily drudgery and grind of 9 to 5 job.
This book is a read for those people who are bored of their daily job and are contemplating different track in their current life.