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This is the most easiest and simple book to read. Life is simple but not easy. You will realize this when you read this. There are many self help books but if you do not have time to read them then this is the only book you can read to learn the basic principles of life. All our life through good days and bad days if we are feeling lone and unhappy then how to find the remedy for this. The remedy is very simple given by the author Kamal Ravikant is that “Love yourself”. In fact the author has  given his own example that how he solved his health problems and depressions by repeating the Mantra “I Love myself” over and over till it brought joy in his own life.
When you read this you may feel that what is this? Does this work or is it some fancy of some fanatic? But No if you go through the book you will appreciate the message the author is trying to give us. The author has not only implemented this simple technique in his own life but is successfully sharing this simple but powerful message to everybody through this book.
So if you just have 20 minutes to spare by you can make it useful by reading this book.