This is a small book containing the wisdom which will last you your lifetime. I had never thought that our life can be made simply by having some agreements with ourselves.
The author Don Miguel Ruiz has very succinctly distilled down to four agreements we human beings should commit to themselves so that the Life would be simpler and peaceful to live. The author has also published the fifth Agreement in his new book but that I have not read yet. If you are a person who find it difficult to read could start reading with this book.
The author has directly confronted ourselves on how do we treat ourselves. It is that we have this glorious image of ourselves and when the world does not treat us like that we get frustrated and irritated and then we self-abuse ourselves. The problem with majority of people is that we do not accept ourselves and others as they are and we try to manipulate ourselves in such a way that we suffer because of that. No body is perfect and we should self-talk that we are wonderful as we are and we should accept ourselves wholeheartedly as we are. Our so called image of Perfection is like a Mirage and we should not chase it.
The FOUR AGREEMENTS stated by the author are:
1. Be impeccable with your word-
People will always judge you no matter what you do.

“But being impeccable means speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

We should use the power of our word responsibly. People will trust and admire you if you have this trait and would follow you if you are a leader. I think our Politicians should be like this so that our country and our World will be place of Heaven for Everybody. But unfortunately we often hear lies and scandals and hence we are constantly living in a world of distrust. So do not bother about the world but start this change with yourself. If every person commits to be impeccable with his word then definitely world will be a better place.

2. Do not take anything Personally-
We are very important in our eyes but we forget the fact that we are just like anybody existing on this Planet Earth. We like to think that we can change other people and make them do things what we think are appropriate but we forget the fact that people do things only when they want to do it. They do it for themselves only. We are not responsible for everything in this world. Hence we should remember this fact and should not take anything personally. If we are hurt because of disappointments from people then we should remind ourselves that people would always do things what are okay for them. If somebody opines against your thoughts or actions then it only means they are expressing themselves and we should not consider that as our rejection. We should not take anything personally as our rejection.

3. Do not make any Assumptions-
How many times we are disappointed that so and so person didn’t do what we expected him to do. It is because everybody lives in her or his world hence when we want something we should be very explicit about it. Under no circumstances we should assume anything that the person would read our mind and understand what we want him to do. This is so important in our daily life. This could be very vital agreement to build and sustain relationships like husband/wife or business relationships between partners. The more we are explicit much better will be the results and we would have less disappointments.

4. Always do your Best-
The author states that if we relax ourselves and always do whatever comes naturally to us will be our Best work. We should not differentiate between when we will be on our good behaviour or when we will not be. If you are afraid of your work performance then if you develop this habit of doing your best always then you need not worry about anything. Over the time your Boss would also come to appreciate that if a particular work did not give desired results then you must have exerted to your best efforts. So do not think I will work hard on this task and will slack on some other task . Treat all tasks with same reverence and do accordingly. You should always do your best even if no body is watching you or judging you. It is like your own internal yardstick. Measure all your work according to your stick and contribute accordingly.
The author states that :

When you honor these four agreements together, there is no way that you will live in hell.
There is no way. If you are impeccable with your word, if you don’t take anything personally, if you don’t make
assumptions, if you always do your best, then you are going to have a beautiful life. You are going to control
your life one hundred percent.

I strongly recommend you to read it and implement it in your Daily Life for your happiness and peace of Mind.