This is yet another interesting book. The title may lead you to believe that it may be travel related book with tips and tricks for aspiring travellers to ease through their journey. But it is not like that. I will not disclose everything to sustain your curiosity but I will tell you one hint the book has something to do with Time Travel.
Now you must be imagining that okay this is some sci-fi related book but it is not. To one’s surprise this book is related with your Finances. Surprised! okay let us move  towards the lessons from this book.
There are many people who have trouble regarding their financial situation or any aspect of their life. The book is an easy read and sail you through vital lessons of finances through its Leading Man in the book.
The book contains following Lessons of Success:
1. The Buck stops here:
It is universal human tendency to always finger point at some body for any kind of failure be your life failure, financial failure anything. The author strongly suggests this to our main protagonist in this book that he has to Take the responsibility of his situation. Everybody should be adult and mature enough to take the responsibility of his or her own actions in life. Do not blame anybody for the situation. Majority of the people have tendency to think “Why Me?” but instead of thinking like this one should think “Why not me?” .
I have to share this pearl of wisdom from regarding Why Me?
Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of AIDS which he got due to infected blood he recieved during a heart surgery in 1983.
From the world over, he recieved letters from his fan, one of them conveyed: “Why does God have to select you for such a bad disease?”.
To this Arthur Ashe replied: The world over–50,000,000 children start playing tennis, 5,000,000 learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn profesional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach the Wimbledon, 4 to semi finals, 2 to finals. When I was the one holding the cup, I never asked god “Why me?”.
And today in pain, I should not be asking GOD “why me?”.
Unless and until we take responsibility we can not move ahead in our life. If we have met failure in our life then to move forward you have to first accept the failure to turn it into success.
2. Seek the advice of wise Men:
There is this theory that we are the average of five people with whom we are constantly in touch with. Hence it is very vital that we constantly seek the counsel of wise Men. We can easily benefit from the wisdom of these people. This is not something unusual practice also. From ancient times even the great emperors or monarchs used to keep a group of advisers to help them run their kingdom. In modern era this role has been shifted to Coaches. There are many types of coaches: Voice Coaches, Sports Coaches, Business Coaches, Financial Coaches etc. One should seek the appropriate coach of particular sector in which he seeks guidance to get out of difficult situation or failure.
3. Take charge of situation:
In the circumstances of facing failure it is always better to do something rather than not doing anything at all. One should play active role in the game of life otherwise it is meaningless to be the passive observer in your own life. Life is brutal, if you do not do anything it will pass by ignoring you completely. If you are afraid to make mistakes then you can always consider that you can learn from your mistakes and move on. It is very easy to say but it is very difficult to do. No body is coming to your rescue. You have to take some action to get out of your failure. So get going and move ahead.
4. I have decided heart:
There is famous saying

A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.

So unless and until you make it in your heart that I want to make change in my life no amount of external pressure can influence you to take some action based on your gut feeling. We all have some kind of intuition to propel in our life and if we reflect on our situation we can make a conscious decision to get the most from our life.
5. Today I will choose to be happy:
The author states that “Happiness is a choice” we all can take consciously and should strive to achieve it. If we train our mind to think that no matter what my external circumstances are, no matter how many bad people or bad events occur I will be calm and would try to vision only the best in my situation and I will remain Happy.
6. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit:
It is very strange that we human beings are good at forgiving our beloved ones and our friends for their mistakes but when it comes to us we often tend to be very harsh and critical to such an extent that we carry the burden of our mistakes and we are callous towards ourselves. Hence the author states that you should decide that “I will forgive myself” for my past mistakes and move on.
There is no point in torturing yourself with your past mistakes no matter how terrible they were. It is always better to learn from the mistakes and move on.
7. I will persist without exception:
We hear all the times that “Become the Best Version of yourselves”. Is it so simple? We often tend to compare ourselves to others. So let us take conscious efforts to decide that I will compare myself to my potential and achieve it. This could only be achieved if you have self-belief and faith in yourself. Given any situation one must decide to persist and persevere. You can give multiple excuses for your actions but it is always better to persist consistently no matter what.

I have not revealed how the failing hero in this plot learns these 7 Lessons. I think you should read this book to know about his journey. It is very easy read book and you will thoroughly enjoy it. So I recommend it to read it.