This is a very Interesting book written by Julia Cameron which can bring clarity, creativity and productivity in your life. Though the title may suggest that the book is meant for Artist only but the lessons in this book is applicable to everybody and it makes it  very intriguing. We all human beings are stuck in our daily routines. So after some days sometimes we feel that we are in rut. The author has specifically focused on the artists. Artists are creative people and every now and then they have to create something which is challenging at times. So at times when the artists are lost or are not feeling creative then the author has given guidance in this book.
The mentioned below are the suggestions given by the author:
1) Artist Date-
Every artist should take break from their creative work from time to time and should include Date with themselves. The artist should do all the various activities which would uplift their mood and release their creative juices once again in their life. Any other person should involve himself or herself in any activity that refreshes his or her life. Our Brain needs break every now and then to be creative. If you are interested in knowing more about Artist Date then you can watch the following youtube video by Lavendaire.

2) Morning Pages-
The author suggests that every person should write three pages daily in journal which is referred as Morning Pages. The author suggests that even if you feel that you cannot write anything, you write it like that only. You can write that I do not know what to write 3 pages. After a while if you continue this practice then your Brain will be stimulated enough and you will be able to write your thoughts and feelings on the piece of paper. Many people realise that their thoughts become clear after this process. Some people refer this process as “Brain Dump”. I refer this process as chatting with yourself or self-talk on piece of paper. The author has further suggested that you can write down 5 Affirmations 5 times in Morning Pages. The author suggests that “Pay Attention to small things” and try to “Understand the Source of your Anger”.
The author states that:

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult

If you are interested in knowing more about Morning Pages then you can watch the following youtube video by Lavendaire.

3) Reading Deprivation-
We live in information rich but knowledge poor era. We are constantly inundated with plenty of information from all various sources such as Internet, Social Media, News, Books etc. The author suggests that we should control the inflow to reach our Inner Voice. Hence we should refrain ourselves from reading anything referred as Reading Deprivation. We are creative when we hear our Inner Voice and sometimes our voice gets drowned in the surrounding Noise.
4) Evening Pages-
Like Morning Pages one can even try to write in the Evenings seeking guidance and who knows answers will be there in your Morning Pages
5) Downtime-
Computer Servers provide us service 24 x 7 Service. Hence to continue this we have to do the maintenance from time to time. Likewise we human beings also cannot be productive all the times. We should take care of ourselves by taking Calculated Downtime from time to time.
Some times you may have also experienced that after taking Vacation we are refreshed and rejuvenated to tackle the problems. Otherwise we daily try to continuously search for the Solution but solution evades us but suddenly all of a sudden we get brilliant idea after taking a break.
I feel being effective is much better than being efficient and it is only possible if we take regular Breaks (our Down Time).
The book has 12 Chapters to deal with different issues and it contains strategies to recover from the issues. The author has allotted week for each issue such as:
Week 1: Recovering a sense of Safety
Week 2: Recovering a sense of Identity
Week 3: Recovering a sense of Power
Week 4: Recovering a sense of Integrity
Week 5: Recovering a sense of Possibility (Reading Deprivation)
Week 6: Recovering a sense of Abundance
Week 7: Recovering a sense of Connection
Week 8: Recovering a sense of Strength
Week 9: Recovering a sense of Compassion
Week 10: Recovering a sense of Self Protection
Week 11: Recovering a sense of Autonomy
Week 12: Recovering a sense of Faith

Though the book is written specifically for the Artist but I think the lessons in this book are relevant to any person. I personally liked this book very much hence I would recommend you to read it if you want to enhance your creativity and productivity.