Recently I read an very interesting book “The Year of Living Danishly” written by Helen  Russell. It was kind of very novel and interesting approach to study the lives of people living in Denmark. The author tried to find why the study shows that people living in Denmark are the happiest. It has been written in a very hilarious way that you enjoy reading it easily and is a very easy read. The author does a lot of research as why the people are happiest in Denmark. She constantly asks the question to all the experts she converses with to rate them their happiness from 1 to 10 and majority of people rate themselves above 7. The author and her Lego Man (her husband) shifts themselves to rural part of the Denmark and try to live Danishly for a year. The book elaborates :
1) How 5.5 million population of Denmark is happiest even after paying more than 50% of their income in the taxes ?
2) How society and government can really make you happy?
3) How system could be developed to make us Happy?
4) Reasons of Happiness

A must read and buy for people who are in search of happiness.