Right from our childhood our parents, teachers and society constantly prepare us for so called career. Everything from our schools and tutions all are pushing us towards the great goal of developing lifetime of great Career. But pause for a minute and really give it a thought what we are studying and what we are pursuing ? Is whatever we are doing is leading us to our so called Career. Will we really feel fulfilled when we achieve that particular milestone? . Do we actually understand what is Career?
Here are three Questions to ask ourselves and answer honestly
Question 1: What do I like? This will tell us our HOBBY
Question 2: What should I do? This will be your calling or DREAM
Question 3: What can I do? This may be your so called boring JOB for which we get paid to pay our Bills.
But Imagine suppose we find that SWEET SPOT which provides us all these things. Could it be our CAREER. How happy we would be?